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Two QM Trading & decoration treat every project as a unique design journey. Our comprehensive approach enables the delivery of a well planned and visually stimulating exterior architectural designs and convenient solutions that work hand in hand with architecture across a variety of disciplines. Our creative and technical expertise in the exterior and interior architectural industry has grown over time to provide imaginative and inventive solutions for projects.


We pursue:-





We do everything from space planning to executions. The space is planned to fit your life; considerations are taken to how they live, and how their home can function to contribute to quality of life. This means personalized planning of the space, or as we call it Space Planning.

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During the CONCEPT stage, each of the objectives and goals of the project has to be outlined. Numerous decisions are made at this stage, including how space will be used, and how many rooms will be needed. The schematic design is a sketch that will show the space as well as materials, colors, and even textures. That sketch will be used during the design development to research the equipment needed, along with the cost for them and the materials being used. Once the contract documents are drawn up, everything is close to being finalized and execution begins.



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